Between now and Dead, is this how you want to live? No? Come have a seat by me, honey...

Hey y’all! (yes, the southern is strong here)

Recently, I felt the urge to blog about my journey, and offer some helpful advice and solace to those of you who have found yourself in need of a change in life...

I had 11 1/2 years in, when I finally hit the eject button. Morgan, OUT. Peace. Deuces up.

I was 11.5 years in a career that I had spent about $70K on student loans, and every single morning, I woke up with that sense of dread. You know the one I’m talking about...the one where you’d rather have the flu than go to work? You lay in bed and try to conjure up a new excuse for not going in today, because reality was this--you hated your job and would rather spend the day shivering from a fever than walk in the door. Loathed. Despised. You spend 8 hours of your day in misery, and to add injury to insult, an additional 50 minutes in the car ONE way. Stick a fork in me, I’m done. But...where do I go from here?

There were other stressful events going on in my existence that made my current state of misery amplified x100. More on that at another time...but one of the good things I did for myself to mitigate my misery and give myself a creative outlet was a floral design class in Washington (we moved there temporarily while I was working for a different municipality, AKA, “Purgatory”).

This class was literally the highlight of my week (well, aside from pulling out of the office parking lot on Friday at 5:00 and discreetly giving the building the bird), and not only did I enjoy it, I was actually GOOD AT IT!

As months go on, and the office environment in Purgatory goes from poor to unbearable, other events occurred that pushed me in the direction of a creative venture and getting away from being a hamster in a wheel.

I didn’t have a concrete plan. I didn’t have money stashed away to go on a sabbatical and “find myself”. I just had an inner truth screaming at me every day when I went to work, and it was, There is more to life than THIS. Is THIS how you want to live from now until dead?” I also had a very supportive husband who said, “Morgan, just quit. I can’t stand to see you miserable for one more day. Just be done, and let’s go home.” And go home we did, and said we’d figure it out.

Almost 9 months later, we’re still figuring it out. But you know what? The lights are still on. We have food in the fridge. The bills are paid. We can’t go out to nice dinners anymore, but whatevs; it's a small price to pay for my sanity. Plus, I need to lose come chunkage anyway.

Taking that leap is scary. For reals, scary. But you know what else is scarier? Regret.

Y’all have a fabulous week! Enjoy the sunshine! Get out in it; go for a nice walk, garden, do SOMETHING outdoors this week because daylight savings time is finally here!

XOXOXO, Morgs.

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